To my baby sister,

Just finished watching your journey. Full of emotions for you.

You are a beautiful soul. I know watching this journey of yourself will be difficult, you said you won’t be able to watch for a few days. The moment when you both said…we spent time on the physical part of us but there was/is work to do on the inside.  The work of taking care of myself, the work of loving myself better needs to be done before I can offer love to another.

Brought me to tears, so true baby sister.

We can spend so much time trying to fix the outside, thinking we can fix others, the ever lasting road of quick fixing ourselves.

But this life is a heart journey. It is wither by wither, wither by bloom, bloom by bloom…all collectively growing the condition of the heart. A process that ultimately can not be accomplished on our own strength.

We come from a long line of fixers, this big sister of yours included. The love of empaths runs deep but it can be taken advantage of and that makes me angry at the situation. But we are called to forgive and your heart showed exactly that on air. I don’t know all of the details of your journey home but I do know you loved this person with your entire heart.

As much as we want that to be enough, it just simply isn’t enough. It is futile when self love, self care, self realization, self introspective, self authenticity isn’t in bloom.

I understand this kind of sadness well. Your bloom will come in time and know I’m praying for you.

All loves are seeds from heaven. We grow either way.

Loved By Grace,