Well in that case, it’s 5:00 somewhere LOVES! ❤️

Today was the absolute worst day ever.

Don’t try to convince me

there is something good in every day.

Because when you take a closer look,

this world is a pretty evil place.

Some goodness does shine through every once in a while, even though

Satisfaction and happiness doesn’t last.

And it’s not true that

It’s all in the mind and heart,


True happiness can be obtained,

Only if ones surroundings are good

It’s true that good exists

I’m sure you can agree that

The reality


My attitude

It’s all beyond my control.

And you will never in a million years hear me say that,

Today was a good day.

Now read from the bottom to top. ↖️


This is the bomb. And might I say perfection displayed in its finest when we are talking about hot mess minds in reverse of kick ass kind of a minds.

Which do we want to be loves?  I don’t know about you, but it seems some peeps like to blame anything and everything that keeps the world feeling sorry for its wimpy whining self destructive selves.

That my friends is what we call mind games.

Ever wonder why kick ass peeps are soaring high?  It’s this right here. Mindfulness is hands down, the mind games place to be.

We train our minds to do it…it just takes practice along with refusing to buy in to a world telling us we should hold on to wimpy whiney wimperers. And with that, wimp get exactly what it wants.

Listen up beautiful hot messes. I can certainly bust out wimpy whiney with the best of them, it happens to the best of us beautiful hot messes at times. But seriously, do we really look up to the wimpy whine as badass? I don’t think so.

I find myself having this conversation with my daughter way more often than I’d like to admit lately. The world of eleven, when young females mysteriously become inhabited by an alien. Welcome to preteen Momma drama, the oh crap where have we gone wrong shenanigans kind beauty of a hot mess. Wimpy whine, can you please take this alien of a species back on the top to bottom mother ship?  Some of us never come back to earth.

I would like the bottom to top grounded in reality please. Enough of the drama fest, it’s 5:00 someplace. Those 5:00 peeps have their shit together. See it works. 😉

Lucky for my daughter I will always be Mom so we will battle the alien hot mess of some pout fests together. And then I will be reminded of my own pout fests because yes, You remind me of this often. Thank you Jesus. You love us anyway.

But as any epic solid hot mess will affirm, out of the fog comes those moments of come back to earth clarity that hit. When she and I reclaim bottom to top freaking awesomeness and I think to myself, these two hot messes are making it out alive. Lawd help us, we just might got this.

So here is to mindful mind games. May we be them, may we surround ourselves with them, and may we raise them. It’s the place to be.

If not, it’s 5:00 someplace loves. Cheers!🍷

Loved By Grace,