A good portion of my life has been spent feeling as though beautiful hot messes could not possibly qualify for helping others. When in fact the exact opposite is true. A gift to lead others out of fear and brokenness.

Maybe a little too much in particular messes, don’t even get me started there. Lawd help us.  This girl is not even close. But here is truth peeps. The weak do in fact lead the strong and that can be incredibly inspiring within honest and healthy circumstances.

Reading a book currently, this quote summarizes it perfectly:

The broken will always be able to love harder than most. Once you have been in the dark, you learn to appreciate everything that shines.~ Zachry K. Douglas

Not only that, the broken are the ones who become experts at the mending. You know, the thing I call shit to shine. 👍🏼

Ahh, Jesus that is so YOU too. You put on a body like ours, you came to stand among the weak and you made them strong.  You felt what we feel and then some. You walked in dark, you took on dark, and you conquered it. The cross overcomes all.

We need only have Faith. Faith Peeps Are Strong Peeps! ❤️

  1. Don’t dwell on problems or mistakes. Keep going, keep moving, keep doing.
  2. Welcome change and see challenges for what they are, growth.
  3. Happy vs. circumstances, which can be controlled? Definitely not circumstance. Choose happy.
  4. Kind, fair and speak up. Yes! Jesus that is so YOU!
  5. Be unfraid to take thoughtful risks.
  6. Believe in a purpose and keep company with those who believe in purpose too.

So when messes feel like nothing but wreckage remember stars can’t shine without dark.

Watch and see what God does with small things.

Faith It! ❤️

Today’s Devotion, Joshua 10.


Loved By Grace,