Say it with me…I think, therefore, I can create awesomeness or horrendousness.  It goes something like this, wherever our thoughts, there also is our reality. If we think something will happen and allow our thoughts to find evidence of it…sure as sh%# it will happen.  Question is, is that B for a brain fixed on a jury of awesomeness or hellbent on a nightmare?


Nightmares don’t change without a change of thinking.  Ever been around a mind constantly full of negative thoughts?  It’s like smacking your face against a brick wall hoping it will find a door that never appears. The mind thinks wall, then wall is truth.  It will be truth and always be the truth as long as it chooses to think it.  If the mind feeds its beast, then the nightmare is what will live. See wall, find wall.  See door, open door. You get the point.

I get it, some of us have pretty happy minds full of glass half full sunshine while others have the empty glass, those damn demons.  No hope for those peeps, might as well be miserable. See demons, find demons. Bullshit, cut the crap.  But if crap is the belief, then crap is what we’ll get. You get the point.

The moment you have the audacity to start believing in the not-yet seen, your reality will begin to shift.  

We can not demand to see the evidence first, it doesn’t work that way.  That is too much to ask so let’s just go running back to crappy beliefs then wonder why it is just more of the same.  This is why faith is so important to me, it teaches us how to believe in the unseen and that gives us strength to create a better version of ourselves. I don’t care what your faith, when you truly believe in something you can not see, it manifests a higher reality within ourselves.

Nobody can do it for us.  Only we can take that B of a brain and show it who is boss. I prefer to do it with the help of Jesus.  🙂

The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking.  It cannot be changed without changing our thinking. ~ Albert Einstein

  1. Connect with the universe.  Pray, meditate, tell the wimpy part of our brain to shut the hell up.
  2. Vision it.  Fake it if we have to until we can get that B to stop the BS.
  3. Hang out with inspiring people.  They will call the B out on the crap just by osmosis of their inspiration.
  4. Have a craft day with God.  You know, like a registry. What do we want to experience in this life.
  5. Find peeps who think the way we want to think.  Not the way we already think!
  6. Self love club…join it.

There is no greater prison than a mind manifesting reality without realizing it.  How many are standing on the bridges its burned?

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.        ~Hebrews 11:1

Loved By Grace,