Dear Younger Me,

If I knew then what I know now, it would have not been hard to figure out what I would have changed if I had heard.

I would tell you so many things we’ve learned about life. Look at you sitting there without a care in the world, smiling at all the things ahead of you.  We had just graduated, that degree was in your hands.  Yes!  You are a degree earning bad%$, shout out for that awesomeness.  Okay, listen up girl, love ya but…you are still clueless.

Don’t get me wrong, you really do have it all together here.  Until you finally figure out life can not be wrapped up in a nice little package at all times.  Sh%# will hit the fan and you will try what we have always done which is to stuff it away and be ultra hard on ourself. Problems, ugh, what ridiculous nonsense.  Suck it up and get over it.  It goes back to that earlier blog post…no time for nonsense when we are in the packaged princess delivery business.

Ah, yes princess. This is true.  Until life hands us enormous helpings of crap. Craptastic crap oh yes, old crusty here knows there is only so much stuffing away of nonsense we can do until well, sh%# seeps from the cracks.  Those drug commercials that make us all want to run out and get that drug, you know, that kind of anal seepage.  Don’t think it won’t, it will.

Dear sweet girl, the nonsense of life will come rear its ugly head and the sh%# will follow its lead. Where there is crap, craptastic will follow.  Not our job to stuff it away.  Our job is to use that smart brain of yours and burn it as fuel to make us better.  We did that this morning, all that nonsense that doesn’t seem to go away? We see it, we hear it, we feel it and then we burn it better.  No, we shouldn’t have to deal with nonsense but this is life my young lovely, nonsense sh%# shacks so we are now in the business of turning sh%# to shine.

Okay, so we might be multi tasking writing papers for school, while taking care of bathroom business with children bursting in to a site of Mom they would rather have out of their head for eternity.  But then you will feel so much better hearing about the same traumatic site to that thirty-six year old son and his Mom.  And then your stomach will hurt from laughing, tears rolling down your cheeks listening to that big boy hot mess.  Then you will feel super relieved the nine-year old will not need trauma intervention because he doesn’t knock.  Life is full of nonsense beautiful hot messes.

You will go to your own hot mess and realize our reactions to nonsense bullsh%# are spot on and it does not do any good to pretend otherwise.   Yes, you should have figured out your own advice sooner but it does not help to wish for a rewind button.  Life doesn’t come with a rewind button but it does come with a burn-it-to-badass button and we are totally using it darling.

Dear Younger Me, now that I’ve ripped you to pieces there is one thing you have going for you.  You know right from wrong, you know healthy from unhealthy, you know self-care from dysfunction.  That psychology degree, use it girl.  You know all of this and yet we will still make some super dumb decisions. Mainly because we have a huge heart. But you know Jesus and He will always be our light over dark. Your Faith has and will carry you through the beautiful hot messes of life to exactly where we need to be.

I hope you will help old crusty reclaim college life tonight.  Because we have some burn-it-to-badass living to do!

Loved By Grace,