Oh man, this right here all day long.

Big red flag reality check ~ Lots of chatter about faith as it relates to self is a big huge S and guess what…S equals a whole lot of S.

Here is truth ~ are we praying about self or praying for and with others?  I’m not trying to suggest we shouldn’t pray for ourselves. Lord knows we need Him, I certainly do anyway.  But are we praying for Him to give us what we want or are we praying for His will?  And if praying for others and with others isn’t found all that much in the equation, well…that is all about meme.  Add in up in everyone else’s business outside of praying for them…Lord have mercy on that hot mess.

That right there takes S equals S to whole-nother hot mess level.

Real godly people aren’t the ones putting on the best performance.  They aren’t afraid of messing up. Christians admit they don’t have it all together. They make mistakes, sometimes huge ones. They know they aren’t any better than anyone else. Real godly people love people. All kinds of people. They don’t pick and choose according to what it offers them.  They don’t discuss others shortcomings while pretending theirs doesn’t exist.

Here is truth peeps.  Authenticity is when He becomes greater and we become small.

S equals S is a cheap imitation. Don’t let it fool you.  That is not Jesus, not even close.

Loved By Grace,