ODear microwave, we’ve had a fabulous nine years but girl, you are being a total B. SMH.

Hello? I’m queen of the laundry room!  Listen Chica, you can better believe we’re getting up in that business and putting a stop to this sh#%… Time to dissect the crap out of that circuit board.  It’s so ON and soon. Didn’t you hear?  I’m super skilled at messing with freaking motherboards.  Oh wait that’s right, you already blew that sh#% up all on your own…one hot mess of some truth right there.  So stop the total B, queens will always turn hot mess pain into power and forever stay badder than B’s.

We got this.  Time to see the friendly motherboard dealer again when they open tomorrow.  Those parts peeps didn’t see it coming last time…until of course this queen slayed the laundry repair. Ahh, the dryer…thank you for stepping up to the warrior challenge.  Slapping that blown motherboard down on the counter was pure awesomeness.

Silly peeps, recycle that crap as you please. Have you know faith.  Ahh, Jesus that is so You too!

Time to claim queenin again. 😍


So dearest microwave…you had better be ready to rumble.

Queen of Appliance Repair 🎉

Loved By Grace,