So Jesus, we are dissecting this addiction thing again today…again?  Okay, I will do that with You but that one thing, really?  No seriously, please say you are kidding.  If You keep suggesting I will but for now, not happening.  Stubborn, you love me anyway.  🙂

So back to the addiction thing.  Definitely ties right in to App 5 of the day; concentrate on consecration.  What is consecration?  To separate from anything that might contaminate.   First of all, we can not possibly replace addiction with addiction and expect anything to change.  That right there is the definition of insanity.  When it comes to addiction, whether a substance or practice, the solution is to replace it with an “addiction” focus on God.  That is the starting point, depending on grace.  Then consider physical and spiritual aspects that are healthy.  Physical ~ admit it out loud, tell someone, track our accountability. Spiritual ~ pray without ceasing and listen for the good habits that can help replace the bad ones, praying with others.

Seems like a simple task right?  Yeah, right.  What about the binding phenomena called chemical dependency, yep that high. Interestingly, there is research to suggest addiction is not as bound to the high as commonly thought.  In Bruce Alexander’s study, he looked at the behavior of rats in two different settings.  The first setting rats were placed in an empty cage with two options, regular water and you know it peeps, the drugged out holy high water.  In every case, those rats inevitably made a B-line for the drug water.  It is also true that with each high, the dependency increased and then came crashing down.  More and more and more and more wasn’t enough until well you guessed it… those rats were toast.  The other setting though in rat park wasn’t an empty cage.  It was full of activity, food and friends surrounding these rats along with the two water options. In this setting, the rats were far less attracted to the drug water and when they did give it a try, they didn’t compulsively come back for more.  Not one of the rats ended up toast.

So what is the point?  Addiction is far less about the high and more about not being able to bear being present in our life.  We all have the need to bond, it’s a God given design.  If we are happy and healthy, we bond with others.  If not, we bond with anything else for relief to fill that God given design.  Gambling, porn, drugs, alcohol, possessions, the list goes on. You name it, we’ll find it and bond with it.  But when we have true connection we want to be present for it and are far less interested in the kind of chains that bind. That is what overcomes addiction.  It starts with Jesus peeps and from there work we love, people we love and healthy relationships we love.  Because it’s all based on truth and love, not chains.

High wants us to love it but it will never truly love back.  Why else the reason we have one of the loneliest generations ever recorded.  Connections or those we think we have aren’t cutting the muster.  On the outside we easily project rat park when in reality the projector is simply covering an empty cage. And with that, rats go right for addiction.

When there is crisis, it will not be our addictions that turn it all around.  In fact, it may be so far up our a%# now when there is something to offer it but when crisis hits, there comes the crash.

The opposite of addiction is not the other end of the high.  It’s not more and more and more and until we wind up toast.  The opposite is connection. Who is going to be there saying I love you in whatever state we’re in, using or not using to fill our design?  Who is listening to our prayers, even prayers we don’t know how to speak or say or know we even need?  Who is going to say if you need me, I will come and sit with you and we going to pray hard?  Who is going to come along side and tackle this together?  I will tell you that person, it is Jesus.  If anyone is filling that role above Him chances are they are filling up for themselves and their own addiction.

When we finally get this Jesus connection right, all other relationships fall in to place. People we can call on are there, really there.  And not just one but many connections, it doesn’t even need editing.  Love that says we are not alone and don’t have to feel alone.

So I’ve mentioned this song before I’m totally addicted to it…😉 Any hoo, here it is again.  Music is a healthy habit unless…well I’ll write about that hot mess another time.

Inner Demons don’t play well with angels, they cheat and lie and steal and break and bruise.  Angels please protect me from these rebels.  This is a battle I don’t want to lose.

Oh how I love this song! Because I said a prayer just like this a time ago when I didn’t even know what to say or how to pray, I just prayed for help.  We can all try to be love and be connection in the face of addiction but without Jesus it just doesn’t work.  In fact without getting mighty real and strong in my own faith I would never be up to the task.  You guessed it, came crashing down.

But you know what?  It was a good thing because Jesus was answering my prayer and we are winning this battle together.  So if there is anything I would say to addiction it would be this… flock off.  It’s not the person peeps, it’s the void.  Jesus connects, he doesn’t crash.

Loved By Grace,