When you look back, remember the mountains and valleys that got you here.  They are not accidents and those moments were not in vain.  You are not the same, you have grown and you are growing.  You are breathing, you are living.  You are wrapped in endless boundless grace.

So when you wonder when things can be better, remember there is already more to you than yesterday.

Growing does not come without the pains.  We all know this right, it is so much easier to stick with what we know because it is safe.  Perhaps it is all we know, all we can handle.  Or possibly what others tell us is our truth.

You know what peeps, there isn’t anything wrong with this in pieces in progress of life.  Sometimes it is all the strength we have in that moment or in that snapshot of time.

But living to fullness is not defined by a long term output termed as just getting by.  No, it’s embracing every day as a chance to learn something new. Looking mindfully each day at that blessings that present themselves to us, the little moments we can miss so easily in the distraction of negativity.  No, we can see and feel so much more.

It makes me think of Jon, a student I’ve been able to teach in the resource room at school this semester.  I’m not really sure what Jon’s challenges are but I do know he does not live an easy life.  Yet, he comes to school and lights up the hallways with his smile and gigantic heart. He gives me a hug every time I see him, you just can’t help but feel blessed to know and love Jon. But learning is not easy for him in fact it is a struggle and he could easily embrace the anger, frustration and self loathing that can set in when life is hard.  Not Jon, not so far in his young life anyway.  He will stop in his tracks just to tell you about the blessings in front of him.  He is one of my heros, without a doubt. ❤️

Jon is part of this new Me and that has been a pretty amazing blessing!

As scary as it is, jumping off that damn cliff is the way to go peeps.  Then trusting we will be wrapped in endless boundless grace.  Before you know it those wings begin to fly.

Cheers to 2016.  It’s been real. 🎉

Loved By Grace,