Encounters with Scrooge McCranky Pants always make for a beautiful hot mess.  I swear, volunteering at Van Andel is like walking in to a dark cloud twilight zone at times.  They are so cranky, OH-EM-GEE!

Don’t get me wrong, I love volunteering on hockey nights, the crowds are super fun.  The concerts are awesomeness.  But the employees…lord have mercy.  Total Scrooges.

Rewind to last April.  I remember my first encounter with Mr. head crank.  At the end of the night we have to count all of the remaining inventory and then bring down the money to management.  It’s like standing before a throne.  I’m totally not exaggerating, you feel like you have to cut off a limb as an offering before you can leave and that is on a smooth night.  Well anyhow, we were off in our counting of beer cups but they were off in the charge amount they had auto entered in the computer system.  So the money was off, way off.  Mr. Scrooge McCranky pants failed to catch that charge amount part of the equation, just the cup counting.  Let’s just say he is not on Santa’s nice list.  My friend who is pretty fierce fired back and then of course my reasonable charming princess representative says to him, sir we obviously made a mistake.  Can you just accept our apology and let’s move on with correcting this.  You know what he said to me?  I’ll never forget it.  He looks at me and says, do you know your name?  I think I cocked my head in disbelief and said, are you asking me if I know your name?  He snaps back, no I asked if you even know your name and same for her.  Whoa, are you freaking kidding me!  You can better believe my friend and I wanted to tell him exactly where to shove his pie hole.  Nope, he got zero further response from me.

That same night I witnessed Scrooge screaming at an employee about other people leaving early or not showing up.  I’m not really sure what he exactly said in a fit of rage.  I do know it was not her control, she just happened to be in the line of fire. At the end of his rant he told her to get back to f’ing work.  Seriously, that is how people are treated.

Fast forward back to this week.  His emails are beauties let me tell you.  Okay Mr. Scrooge McCranky pants, thank you for “allowing” us to walk in from the parking lots with coats on since we do live in freaking Michigan and it’s December.  Okay Cranks, I will leave the rest of my belongings behind as your dearest throne has asked.  I’m sorry if you are taken aback by the tampon that will also be sitting on the storage shelf with my coat.  But without a handbag a girl has to do what a girl has to do.  That natural karma thing is a B. No revenge needed, he’ll get the point on his own.  Love my Momma friends, we rock!  LOL!

The point I’m trying to make is this…Life doesn’t have to be sinister, how sad is it when we see that kind of misery.  Almost as though it is delighted in you know that saying, misery loves company.  He might seem like he is a happy guy, he might convince himself that he is a happy guy, he might medicate himself into being a happy guy.  But he is not happy guy, not by a long shot.  How sad.

The point is we can all be a Scrooge McCranky Pants if we choose to let that define us.  We can be hurt by others in their moments of Scrooge McCranky Pants if we choose to let them define us and become even more of a beautiful hot mess. I do not allow cranky pants to define me, not even for a moment.  The only person who defines me is Jesus.

Okay Jesus, I will pray for him.  I hope he has a great Christmas and knows someone out there cares about light even if he doesn’t realize it.  Yes, you are the best!

We all need a little more Jesus.  Merry Christmas Eve Peeps!


The kids channeling my inner Scrooge McCranky Pants. Lol! Belly laughs about our messes are the BEST!!!!!!!

Loved By Grace,