Jesus doesn’t care how many bible versus you have memorized.  He cares about how you treat people…

Saw that meme shared yesterday…Well crap.  Can’t say I’ve covered this beauty perfectly.

Why does seeing this meme stir all kinds of emotions in me?  This is precisely why I need Jesus.  Okay, we are going to dissect this hot mess together and Jesus, I really hope you can help eliminate any of my biases from this equation.  Lord have mercy on meme.  🙂

Okay, well first of all the person who was sharing the meme has obviously been stirred by another and perhaps that other person has not been so nice?  You know, as in Santa must be saying they are hands down naughty not so nice.  Or is it the person’s perception of them? I don’t know, but I do know that we do not get to tell others whether or not they have hurt us.  This sharing soul is/was obviously hurt by something and sadly many others got to hear about it.  But did the actual person hear it?  I don’t know that answer.  I can’t sit down with the person who shared this sentiment but if I could sit with them for just a moment and understand this hurt, I think that is probably what Jesus would do.  And perhaps the “meme” emotion I experience would not end up being all that important.  I can’t sit with them Jesus but I can pray.  Okay, I will do that.

It is true that the stirring of emotions in myself, says way more about me than the person who shared the meme.  I’m not Jesus and that is between their heart and Him.  But I can wrestle with Him about my heart.  So, I’m going to write my thoughts down and I hope my Jesus will call me out where my thinking needs to change.  I’m obviously a Christian believer and when I see something like this, well…it flat out hurts.  It’s hard not to take it personally.  It hurts to absorb this meme which to me basically says we so quickly equate bible knowledge and christian faith with hypocrisy and thus are judged even greater by the way a christian treats people.  But Jesus, you know my bible knowledge really doesn’t matter and the reason I seek that bible knowledge is precisely because I know that I will fail You daily.  I know that I will fail people daily, we all do.  I’m a christian believer not because I’m not without fault, it is because I know I need Your perfect love as an example. Then maybe, just maybe I can do a better job of treating people with that same kind of Love.  But I do fail at this love business Jesus, I fail horribly at times.  It really hurts like hell when someone comes along and judges all of this when all I want to do is be as much like You as possible.  I hope they can find a way to understand somehow.  Help me understand them too.

Here is truth peeps.  Christian believers are hypocrites, no doubt about it.  That most certainly includes myself but guess what?  So is the rest of the God-loving world!  Beautiful hot mess and here is the good news!  Jesus loves us all anyway.  I will speak those words every day if I have to!

So every time I see a meme that stirs up the mess in me I try to simply say, enough about meme.  Why are you telling me this?  What do I need to learn?  I don’t always succeed at the non-hypocrisy but I’m really trying my best and that is all that is asked of us.

ps – I suck at memorizing which is why I love memes too.  Sometimes I do a great job at all of these sentiments and other times I get a failing grade with a Capital F.  But that doesn’t define us in God’s eyes.  He does not give up on us.

We’re all in this together loves.  🙂

Loved By Grace,