Say it with me… Aphiemi!  Or in our English translation… Let Go / Release









Most mornings I go to my favorite apps to download a devotional but there are some days I just like to open the book and see where we land.  That is what I did today and landed on Matthew 20:1-16, The Story of the Vineyard Workers.

If you haven’t read this parable I will summarize.  The owner of an estate hires workers for his vineyard.  Some work all day, some get hired throughout the day and some only work for an hour at the very end of the day.  The estate owner pays them all the same, a full days wage.

So what do you think happens?  Yep, you can better believe the people who worked the entire day had some words to say about that payout.  How dare God forget about us over here?  You know the ones who have worked the longest and presumably the hardest.  How could He possibly give them the same?  They are later arrivals we should get more.  In fact we don’t understand why you would bless them at all.  The story doesn’t cover the aftermath of all of this nonsense but I’m sure it could have been the makings of a hot mess.

The fancy bible word for this story is the mess called coveting.  The beautiful hot mess of frustration with God’s grace as it applies not to us, but to others.  It lies at the heart of this vineyard story but it is not all that different from messes we can find ourselves in the middle of any day.  We simply can’t accept that grace, mercy, forgiveness, blessings and gifts are God’s to give away, as God sees fit.   Instead we take it from Him and say how could He have forgotten us!

Oh how I can relate to this on so many levels.  I think we can all relate on some level.  But the beauty in all of this is that God gives us gifts that are unique to ourselves and that is a beautiful thing.

We are all co-workers in this vineyard called life.  But we can’t get to that truth when we are too busy counting the blessings around us instead of the ones right in front of us. And so it is, that many who are first now will be last then; and those who are last now will be first then.  Matthew 20:16.  Jesus, that is so YOU!

Notes of the day: You can not be first unless you are willing to be last as a servant of love. An authentic walk of Faith is not a perfect walk.  In fact it is an imperfect person knowing they need help in the walk. But for those walking by Faith it is marked by reaching out to Him and He will be our footprints in the sand.  1 John 2:6-9

Aphemi, let go.  You’ll be glad you did!  Sometimes #10 creeps back in but laughing is good medicine!


Loved By Grace,