It’s Tuesday Loves, let’s do this Tuesday!  But first… Coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What to my ridiculously wonderment of surprise do we see glowing on the iPad this morning?  You guessed it!  The eleven year old has downloaded Snapchat.  As if I didn’t have enough internet messes to look after already my dear sweet precious tweenage tornado of a child.  You know Mom loves you but oh my, chatastic of a hot freaking mess! But hey, at least it makes for some good laughs.

The land of Snapchat, where we’ve all gone mad.  What is it about Chatastic that is so appealing?  I’m thinking maybe because we can all put down that highlight reel for just a few seconds and just go FREAKING crazy.  Look at some of these beauties!

Not judging here loves.  I think these are freaking awesome!  I do however have to draw the line at creepers using Chatastic for abuse of humanity but I’m going to assume these beauties were done in good fun.

On the topic of abuse of humanity.  Why does this have to exist?  Ugh!  I wish we could all just use Snapchat in good fun but sadly old crusties like myself know otherwise.  That eleven year old hasn’t figured this out about life yet.  So old crusty here gets to be the filter.  Nice.

It’s not like it is the only insane forum out there on the world wide web.  As a matter of fact, my friends just added me to another beauty on the interwebs and this puppy is chatastic indeed.  Yikes!  It is where the real fun begins peeps.  All kinds of taboo topics and you just might learn something new every day.  LOL!  In all seriousness though, unfiltered content is everywhere it seems.   Why?  I’ve said this before, it is because we are all tired of the highlight reels.  We just want a place where we can go and be real for once.  Where nobody is going to judge us and if they are judging who really cares because they are strangers we never see anyway.  Where our snap will disappear momentarily and we will be back to the highlight reel that everyone wants from us.  A little tip though, real life friends who don’t judge you OR others are WAY better.  They are out there, I promise. And they will snapchat with you… just ask our private interwebs.  Come on it’s funny!  Nobody wants to see that non-highlight reel right!

Back to chatastic.  I joined this forum with my friends because I want to be in the mess and be real with people.  Enough of the damn highlight reels.  People just need to feel loved and accepted for who they are with the messes and the blessings.  Ahhhhh, Jesus that is so You!

I guess it was time to embrace Snapchat eventually.  Time to clog my phone with a million chatastic selfies!  But first, how Jesus would snapchat…

Take Dat Wheel! 🙂

Loved By Grace,