Hot mess over here loves!  Holy crap we had a bit too much fun this weekend all while feverish.  I may or may not have met Buddy The Elf and danced in a pole barn to Tone-Loc. Fever, get out!  No WAY was that going to stop me but oh man, I’m paying for it now.  Might need antibiotic, ugh!  Winter.

I WILL live in Florida some day and I will wake up every day and laugh at Michigan.  Don’t judge me for laughing, I’ve paid my dues!  HA!  Florida I love you.  My happy place!!!!!!

Ugh, back to reality.  Laundry is piling to the ceiling and it is a snow day which means all three kids are bouncing off the walls.  Those little bundles of joy, bless their hearts.  PS – nobody tells you upon delivery that you still have to keep those energizer bunnies alive even when Mom is sick with a freaking capital S!  Sure they take such good care of us Moms in the wreckage of the delivery room and then they send our hilarious naive unsuspecting hot mess selves home for the real fun… for the REST of our lives!  Paybacks I suppose for when we were those childless perfect parents in all of our glorious judging. Well played life, well-played.  I’m happy to give that childless parent a few kids for the day because I declare – I’m Failing At Life DAY!

In all seriousness though, I’m happy to have them home, just wish I felt better!  LOL!

By the way I HATE laundry, she is such a B!  Awesome!  Failing at laundry today and I don’t care!  The laundry can kiss it because I fixed the dryer all by myself without the over priced Sears repair-man guy so I’m queen of the laundry room forever and ever. YES!

Morning devotion – Once was lost but not we are found, oops typo now we are found.  Get it?  I crack myself up when I’m delirious.  Oh man, I’m definitely lost today and I’m going to stay lost in my pj’s, messy hair don’t care, hiding with my blanket and pillow dreaming of my favorite palm trees because that is what hot mess sick people do peeps!  Embrace it.

Judge if you must.

Loved By Grace,