Some people will only love you as long as you fit inside their box.  Don’t be afraid to disappoint.

Or how about the not so nice version: Don’t be afraid to shove that box up their a%$!

Okay, the BEST version: Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don’t fit into boxes.

I’ve wrote a little about this on Instagram but I love it so much I decided to write more on this issue of against the grain.  So what exactly is against the grain?  If you know me well, you know this analytic mind has to look things up so let’s do this peeps! Here is what I found from a simple google search.

Against The Grain – Contrary to the natural inclination or feeling of someone or something.  To do something that is the opposite of what is usually done.  To go in the opposite direction.  Different from what is normal or usual, it takes courage to go against the grain and stand up for what you believe in.  Something to express a feeling or action opposite of the rules or allowed norms.  Simply put, revolt.  rebellious, revolutionary.

Jesus, that is so YOU!  Peeps – YES, you read that correctly.  JESUS was and is the most perfect example of against the grain.  There are countless examples in the bible that tell of this “against the grain” nature that is and was Jesus throughout His life on earth.

My favorite in particular is Jesus’ countless healings on the Sabbath.  And as usually is the case, it was of course smack in my face again this morning as part of my devotional.  Let me summarize for you lovelies and I will summarize with Luke 14 devotional according to Gangsta-Aimee, LOL!  Gangster wrapper sweater on the brain here, I’m in the midst of multiple ugly sweater parties.  HA!  So let’s use this gangster bible terminology just for the fun of it.  Awesomeness!

Luke 14 – Jesus goes to a dinner party with a bunch of religious uppities. You know, those bad a%$ bro’s who know their religious stuff and then some right?  We are talking expert Hommies on religious law.  Follow the rules peeps!  These guys were the highest on the food chain because they be following that stuff like flies on… well, you know what, HA! Meaning they all have the expert knowledge of the rules and they keep to those rules perfectly.  Really?  Hmm, said no human being 4EVA!  That is until Jesus stops them in their tracks.  So there at this dinner party came along this other Bro whose arms and legs were swollen.  You can better believe the Hommies were staring at him STAT.  I mean, how could such a low life person enter in to this scene not to mention on the Sabbath, the holy day?  These gangsters were having no part of it.

#1 – Because it is the Sabbath day.

#2 – Because they are above this Bro of course!

So what does Jesus do?  You guessed it peeps.  He heals the man!  On the Sabbath, in front of all these gangsters.  YES!  Jesus, that is so YOU!  You are the bomb!  Let’s talk about the Sabbath shall we?  The Sabbath according to the law is/was a sacred day in which one is NOT to work.  Healing people being considered work, one is NOT to heal on the Sabbath.

To these Hommies, Jesus healing a man on the Sabbath was an abomination punishable by death.  And instead of following the crowd, Jesus goes against the grain to love instead. Jesus chose to heal, love and care for another person above law – every single time.  He goes further by asking the question, if your family falls into a pit on the Sabbath do you not help them out? Not one of those Hommies answered.  It got so bad that this posse even felt they needed to “protect” the people from this man Jesus.  WTF!  Why?  Because he went against the grain?  Because he loved?  Maybe they envied that love?  Did I just say that?  I sure did!

We all know the ending here loves because those gangsters of religious law… well they eventually put Him to death.  A pain for simply loving, healing and caring for others that I could never begin to fathom or imagine.

There have been times in my life when I have gone against the grain and it has hurt like hell.  In fact, it has changed me but it has changed me for the better.  I know exactly what Jesus thinks about going against the grain and he approves.  Not on all of it but in its simplest, purest form? Abso-freaking-lutely!

So now my promise to myself is to live like Christ wherever He calls me and if that is against the grain… bring it on!  Some things take time though.  Darn! That patience vice, I don’t like it. Okay Jesus, I will put my pouty-face impatient self away and give it to You. Plus I know you love me anyway.  🙂

So here is the other point.  Love in its purest, most perfect form WILL be accompanied by pain.  If not, we might not be loving big enough.  Why?  Because Jesus calls us to live by Faith and to conquer through Love.  No matter how long it takes; no matter what the cost.  Just like Christ.

Death does not win, pain does not win.  Don’t put Jesus in a box because He doesn’t belong there.  So let’s not put ourselves or others in a box because we don’t belong there either.  Some of the most wonderful people are the ones who don’t fit into boxes.  🙂

Go against the grain even if it takes time to get there, the destination is worth it!

Happy Birthday Month Jesus!  Merry Christmas!  You are the BEST!

Loved By Grace,