The Shame Game.  Momma’s especially know it when we see it right?  I mean, let’s face it…Mommin ain’t easy peeps.  As if the daily task of keeping a human being alive isn’t enough, we all run around doing an incredible job analyzing every ounce and every step of that task.  Some of us even go so far as to pointing out the steps in ourselves or others when we don’t see an A+ grade.  WTF!  Why do we do this?  If we do it to ourselves, how does this help matters?  If we do it to others, are we trying to make ourselves feel better? If someone does it to us?  I don’t know about you but Lord have mercy!  My coffee shop Will Ferrell character is ready to pounce with a full on shove your mouth up your pie hole!  You are kicked out of the shaming game.  Shame on you!  And…then I’m the shamer.

They played this at church on Sunday, OH-EM-GEEEE — HILARIOUS!  Check it out. 🙂

Will Ferrell Take Away – We all have a little Coffee Shop Guy AND Buddy The Elf in us.

There are so many days when I feel as if I’ve completely failed in the Mom life.  Like forgetting my kids proper tights and shoes last weekend.  Or how about accidentally throwing away the fourth grader’s homework as an email from the teacher is awaiting my response. That was fun explaining that one as my son shamed me!  I listened to a message on anger at church recently and was feeling great, all set to start the week off calm and everyone was going to get Aimee’s angelic patience.  Well… didn’t make it five minutes out of the parking lot and lost my shit about Christmas shopping.  Awesome! I get an A+ for effort, an E for results.  Ahhh, the messes and the blessings.

Here is the deal peeps.  The last thing we need is someone else having something to say about our Mom business.  So let’s just all shut our pie holes shall we?  And if we just can’t help ourselves, could we possibly say something encouraging instead and if we can’t do that could we just not say anything at all?  Maybe go get ourselves a Starbucks if we have to keep our mouth full of something else?  Just don’t go Will Ferell standing in line!

I was telling my friend the other day about my church message anger FAIL and the fact that I graded myself an E for Mom-ing that weekend.  We had good laugh because even our kids would say we were both fired from the Mom business that week. But they would never really fire us and we would never really fire ourselves.  Even if encouraging each other is just laughing about the fails with each other, it lifts us up.  Encouraging each other instead of condemning is a whole lot of good medicine.  The world just might be a better place.

Jesus, that is so you too!  First get rid of the log from your own eye and then perhaps you will see well enough to deal the speck from your friend’s eye.  Matthew 7:1-5 (NIV)

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United in spirit develops humility, gentleness and patience which helps us as one body to lovingly bear with one another in love despite our differences.  Always keep yourselves united in spirit and bind yourselves together with peace.  Ephesians 4:3 (NIV)

We’re all in this together even when we aren’t Buddy The Elf.  Jesus loves us anyway.

I stumbled across this blog post from Scary Mommy today.  It seriously sums it up!  As much as we would all love to say the world embraces unity the fact of the matter is that it does not.  Somebody somewhere is always going to have something to say and it’s not always going to be pretty.  The most revolutionary thing a woman could do is not explain herself. I loved P!NKS reaction about her Mommy Mug Timeout too!  You go girl!  BOOM!


I think P!NK would agree!

Loved By Grace,