imageAltered. Just sit with that word for a minute. When you think of altered, what comes to mind? When something is altered, do you ask yourself whether it can be restored? Or is it changed that way for good? If I close my eyes, three examples come to my mind. When I think of altered, I think of nature.

When water turns to ice from the elements of the environment, it is altered. The state of H2O changes to different states, back again and so forth. It is nature. In the case of ice, it is restored back to water when the environment changes. I’ve actually had the experience of teaching science to sixth grade so no wonder why the example stands out. 😊

When erosion occurs in nature, it alters its environment. I think about The Grand Canyon as an example. It’s not going back to the way God started it right?  The environment over time has changed the landscape of this creation. It is also altered.

What about when a child is born with mental or physical limitations? The child is altered in some way in comparison to our description about the image of God. Will the child be restored? In many cases not in this lifetime but in eternity? I don’t know. But do we really want it restored back? It’s altered and it is His creation. I think we can all say Amen!

The world sees the meaning of altered through its judgements. And we might all experience it differently. Why is it ever a negative judgement?  Fear of the unfamiliar?

Altered, is it one or the other or is it both? Maybe God has created both? Maybe He altered a creation to begin with, maybe He evolves it over time like the Grand Canyon?  Or maybe He didn’t do the altering at all? Maybe it alters because of us?  Regardless, just maybe He branches all creations in to the olive tree? The olive tree is described according to God’s nature as Israel. Then God acted against nature and branched in more nations and people. Is that negative or is it evolved? Ahhhhh! It too was altered.

It’s up to us to seek Him will all our heart and all our mind.  When we do that, we will find Him. He will whisper the answers.

Darn!  It might take longer than I would like especially when it is part of this beautiful hot mess! The answer is between Him and myself.  The answer is between Him and you. Not Him, you and others. It is not up to me to judge when we do not agree with each other. Is it up to you? Or is it between God and you for your truth and  between God and me for my truth.

I’ve experienced too many souls harmed because we all seem to know the answer.  Hearing or seeing the words God hates me makes me want to scream this is NOT true! On the ground, begging for my life to end He whispered to me, He loves me and He is there. Unshakingly sure about this peeps.  I would not have gotten up from the ground any other way. (Luke 8:53).

God hates me? This can not be, He loves each of us. This feels like life or death to me and I care less about myself and more about others. Especially the ones who feel this hatred to be true. Is it that He hates me or do we do this to each other?  Then we all have lines and boxes instead of seeking truth. We all become a beautiful hot mess. If anything or anyone asks you to judge somebody else or judge yourself, think long and hard before you do it. But do not judge them either, their lines and boxes are between God and themselves to decide. It’s Their truth with Him. We can still love and be kind without agreeing. Choose love instead of fear. (Luke 8:37)

I know what He is whispering to me because I’ve said this prayer to Him EVERY single day and he has slowly answered me. Sadly, I messed up horribly in order to figure this all out. Messing up was not so good. Forgiven?  Absolutely. But hated by God from altered?  Not a chance.

How altered is ultimately going to become of me is still a work in progress and it is in His hands. It’s not as black and white as my princess would like to fit in the lines.  And then we say go away and leave me alone Jesus because I don’t want you to hate me. (Luke 8:37). As soon as I think that thought I try to fit back in to those same lines all over again. Jesus now stops me in my tracks. More to come on that. Seriously though, smack in my face. I even betray me.  But God doesn’t.

A beautiful mess between Him and me.  Perhaps sharing my beautiful messes will help others.  The princess doesn’t like to share but I’m slowly ripping her off of me. Know this my friends.  Altered in and of itself is not a mess, said God to my heart.

Loved by Grace,